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Learning Styles Test

The aim of the learning styles test is to discover the style of learning and study preparation that best fits the applicant
The learning styles test is based on standards common for this kind of tests and it helps us to see which learning styles the applicant of the given study programme (Bc., Ing., MSC., MBA, CZV - LLP) prefers. The applicant is simply asked to say whether or not he/she agrees with the given statements.

The learning styles test provides an idea about the student’s attitude and possible reactions in the course of university studies.

The answers can be divided into four categories, according to the individual learning styles: active, passive, theoretical, pragmatic.

The applicant’s answers are graded (+1, 0, -1). The sum total then gives the result of the test. The questionnaire is regularly updated, reflecting the strong and weak points discovered of the contemporary VSEM students.