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Internet applications VSEM

Manuals and settings for Internet applications VSEM, via ebrary and ProQuest databases, VideoForum (video tutorial) WebForum (off-line discussion) and WebMail (student mail), Student WiFi (building VSEM).

The database ProQuest Central Business

Electronic information resources database ProQuest Central Business are accessible for students outside the building of VSEM (The Library and Study VSEM), through a proxy server, via the Instructions for connecting Proxy Server (PDF format)

Database Ebrary

Electronic database of the Books (bibliographic, abstract, factual and full-text databases, electronic journals, electronic books, monographs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, manuals/guide), which is accessible outside the buildings VSEM, within the price level Premium.


VideoForum VSEM (on-line consultation) through the Web applications ONIF allows to the students communicate through the on-line Video applications, with the lectors and administration of VSEM.

Technical requirements of the user

  • PC: CPU 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, operating system with a Web browser
  • SW: the actual Adobe Flash Player
  • Web browser: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari (we do not recommend Google Chrome)
  • Audio: microphone and speakers, headphones with microphones


Student WebForum (off-line discussion) allows students to interact with teachers and school administration in the time between lectures and exams. Discussion is divided according to the study modules / study subjects / topics (there are a section of the administration of study).

  • The administrator of WebForum VSEM has the right to continuous control, locking, or even eliminating unrelated query or inappropriate text in case of online discussion.
  • Questions within the administration of study (control of studies, professional work, administration of study, E-applications VSEM).


Access to student emails is possible through the internet interface (webmail) or via commonly used mail application (for example: MS Outlook, Thunderbird) through the POP3 protocol (SMTP).

  • Each student is automatically registered for an e-mail address in the form: name.surname@infovsem.cz (mailbox size 100MB).
  • Student application  SIS allows to enter the secondary (spare) electronic addresses for forwarding all messages sent through SIS VŠEM/Editation of student mail*
  • Student´s password is the primarily set for access to all applications in SIS VSEM in the form of a native student numbers (in the form XXXXXX / XXXX) that the student can edit / change through SIS VŠEM/Editation of SIS password**

Student login via WebMail

Adress of applications https://mail.vsem.cz
Student email
Password (XXXXXX/XXXX)**

Data settings in mail applications

Student electronic adress
User name
Password (XXXXXX/XXXX)**
Incoming mail server (POP3) mail.infovsem.cz
Outgoing mail server (SMTP) mail.infovsem.cz


Student wireless network (WiFi) is available in classrooms VSEM (speed 4 MB/s) with limited capacity for transferred data volume (Windows XP must have installed SP3, in settings must have switched on DHCP server for all operating systems).

Network´s name
Password vsemstudent