Gym VSEM is equipped with modern machinery of professional level (2x treadmill, 2x bicycle, rowing machine, 2x booster tower, horizontal bar). The gym is located on the 2nd basement (entrance via a staircase, glass room).

Basic operating rules

  • Access to the gym , changing rooms and showers is possible through student ID VSEM.
  • Each visitor must have a clean sports shoes (white soles), suitable sports clothes, a towel while exercising on gym machines.
  • Changing room is used for changing and keeping spare clothes. Keeping clothes outside the changing rooms is prohibited. Lockers are provided with locks, each visitor is entitled to bring his own lock.
  • After the exercise, everybody cleans up used tools and return equipment into its original places.
  • In the gym is strictly prohibited to consume food, smoke, use open flames and consume alcoholic beverages.
  • The visitor is obliged to leave the locker room empty and unlocked (locked cabinet after 18 pm will be opened).
  • Gym is monitored by CCTV.
  • Visitor is present only in the area of ​​the gym / locker room, where he behaves quietly and ensure order and cleanliness.
  • Gym operation is subjected to the Operating Procedure of Gym VSEM

Opening hours

  • Monday - Sunday: 09:00 – 17:30
  • When the Hall VSEM is used, the Gym is closed.