The overview of Frequently Asked Questions concerning admission proceedings, studies, study programmes, graduate's programme etc. to College of Economics and Management
The most frequent questions (referred to as FAQ) asked by applicants, students and graduates of the College of Economics and Management (Vysoká škola ekonomie a managementu, VSEM), based on the statistical data provided by the Rector’s office and educational/administrative departments.

The questions are sorted according to three basic criteria (applicants’ questions concerning the studies, students’ questions and VSEM graduates’ questions). Those interested can find all the questions answered in detail right on the VSEM website in separate sections (Admission Proceedings, Studies at VSEM, Research and Development, About VSEM,
Study Information System [SIS for short] of VSEM).

The above-mentioned FAQ pages are of basic informative nature only – that is, they are not aimed at gathering all the information about the admission proceedings and studies at the College of Economics and Management. If you think your question (and therefore our response) has not been included, please contact us.