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Exceeding the Standard Length of Studies

Exceeding the standard study period is subject to charges.
In case of exceeding the standard study period (see the Contract on the provision of the respective study program) a student will receive a pro forma record for each commenced additional trimester (DT) until the completion of the respective study program.

A student must apply for the additional trimester at the study department by means of SIS VŠEM/Studijní formulář/Prodloužení studia/dodatečný trimestr providing the application contains a reason (e.g. missing classified study subjects, credits, seminary thesis, etc.) and the term for the study extension (from - to).Within Mimořádných termínů a služeb a student can apply for the study extension by 30/60/90 days providing the application is sent by means of SIS VŠEM/Studijní formuláře/Mimořádné termíny a služby. The selected study extension method is binding for the student and cannot be changed during the trimester.

Standard and maximal length of studies

Contract on the respective study program implementation coupled with VŠEM internal rules specify the maximum study length of the respective study program (Bc./Ing./MBA) from the period of the administration registry in the 1st trimester until the study completion by means of the final state examination.

Study program (title/form) Standard length od strudies
Maximum length of studies
Bachelor (Bc./K1) 3,5 year 5 years
Bachelor (Bc./P1) 3 years 5 years
Master of Business Administration (MBA/K1) 2 years 4 years
Master (Ing./K2)
2,5 year 4 years
Master (Ing./P2)
2 years 4 years

Study fees (additional trimester/premium module/module ISP)

The tuition fees for additional trimester (exceeding the standard study period), premium study module (above the scope of the study program for the respective academic year), the fees within the individual study plan (ISP) for the study module. The tuition fees for additional trimester/ premium module/ ISP module cannot be divided to instalments.
Study module LLL (program/form)
Length of studies
Form of studies
 Study fees
Bachelor study module (Bc./K1/P1) 1 trimester Part time/Full time 15.000 Kč
Master study module (Ing./K2/P2) 1 trimester Part time/Full time 20.000 Kč
Master study module (MBA/K1) 1 trimester Part time 20.000 Kč

Payment terms (additional trimester/premium module/module ISP)

The maturity of the tuition fees is specified for 30 days from the commencement of the respective trimester/ premium module/ module within ISP providing that in case of incompliance with the administration issues for the additional trimester (e.g. failure to pay the tuition fees, failure to send the respective application), the study is terminated.

Individual terms are specified as per the division of the academic year at VŠEM (September – December: Autumn trimester / January – April: winter trimester / May - August: Summer trimester). The maturity of tuition fees is specified by the pro forma record (SIS VŠEM/Payments of the applicant/student) issued within 15 days after the commencement of the respective trimester.
Additional trimesterAutumn trimesterWinter trimesterSummer trimestr
Additional trimester term 1.9 - 31.12. 1.1. - 30.4. 1.5. - 31.8.
Document exposure / Payment till 15.9. / till 1.10. till 15.1. / till 1.2. till 15.5. / till1.6.