EEA / Norwegian FMP

The conditions of university studies within the FM EHP / Norska programme (qualifications of a student, administrative requirements before the departure and after the arrival, financial terms)

Length of the Stay and Destination

  • 1 week - 6 months (with up to 12 months extension possibility)
  • Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway

Important Dates

Qualifications of Student

  • Czech nationality or a resident of the Czech Republic, or a person with a refugee status in the Czech Republic
  • A student of the 2nd year of the Bachelor’s study programme at least
  • Fulfilling the selection criteria set by the National Agency for European Educational Programmes (high-quality motivation letter and study plan)
  • A student can participate in the Erasmus exchange programme only once
  • In course of the Erasmus exchange programme, a student must neither interrupt nor abandon his/her studies at VSEM

Administrative Requirements before Departure

  • Student chooses the educational institution in one of the following countries: Norway, Island, Liechtenstein
  • The foreign educational institution application form
  • The grant request
  • Confirmation that the student has been admitted by the given university / college
  • Motivation letter and a detailed study plan
  • Study contract (an approved plan of studies at the foreign university or college)
  • Grant contract

Administartive Requirements after Arrival

  • Record of the study results achieved at the foreign higher education institution
  • Real length of the stay confirmation
  • Final report about the stay written by the student
  • Final account of the studies abroad (travel expenses, insurance, study materials, registration and tuition fees)
  • Full recognition of the studies abroad (in case the necessary conditions are met)

Financial Terms

  • Up to 100% of the expenses may be covered (a scholarship of EUR 780 per month, the travel expenses, insurance, tuition fees and study materials)