Economic Test

The economics test is aimed at testing the knowledge of those who apply for the follow-up Master’s study programme (Ing./MSc.)

Individuals wishing to follow the Masters’s study programme have to sit a test proving their knowledge of the main areas of economics (macroeconomics, microeconomics) at the level of a Bachelor’s study programme graduate, see study subjects annotations – macroeconomics / microeconomics. There is also a sample Economics Test available (PDF format).

Recognition of Economics within the Admission Proceedings:

The economics test is not compulsory for those applicants who have successfully passed the Bachelor’s final state exam, fewer than 12 months before date when the admission proceedings take place. In that case, the applicant will submit the application form together with the other necessary materials (officially authenticated copy of university diploma, final state examination review) to the Study Department, at least 14 days before the admission proceedings take place. The recognition is then subjected to the approval of the pro-rector for Study Affairs and Research.