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Workshop VŠEM: Graduate Tracking

Today's world is moving forward quickly, and we strive to keep pace not only with new trends in study programs but also with what comes after graduation. And now, what comes after graduation?

  • Next week on Tuesday 28.5.2024 at 9:00 a.m., representatives from various universities, including international ones, will meet at VŠEM to discuss opportunities, development, and employment prospects. They will gather data to understand how to best prepare their students and ensure their success in the labor market.
  • Keynote speakers will be representatives of University of Vienna Michael Hoffer and Lukas Mitterauer-Koch. Followed by representatives of Ministry of Education, Ministry of
  • Labour and Social Affairs, Centre for Higher Education Studies and more.
  • We continually strive to educate ourselves and understand how to best help students seamlessly transition into the professional world after graduating from university.
  • How to prepare our future graduates for seamless entry for labor market with all of opportunities?

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