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Skill-Port VŠEM: Europe? Of course!

Why support the EU? Do we have a reason to be proud to live in Europe? Of course! Share your thoughts in a discussion with the admins of the @evropaneasi profile and the Vice-Rector of the Univeristy of Economics and Management, Dan Šťastný, already on Monday, May 20 2024, from 5:30 p.m. on-line via the MS Teams application!

  • So, what is the goal of the profile? To improve the perception of "value politics" and the European Union in the Czech Republic through communication via social media and involving influencers and their influence.
  • In general, we will focus on the perception of the EU in the Czech Republic, European elections, the climate question, the war in Ukraine, and news of this kind on social networks.
  • Registration for the event via the SIS VŠEM/Registration for presentations/PA by May 20 2024, until 11:00 a.m.
  • For participating in the event and submitting a written output (essay/application study), it is possible to earn credits for written work.
  • To be able to submit a written output, it is necessary to properly register attendance (student ID card, in the case of online events via Videoforum VŠEM).
  • Essay topic: Entrepreneurship in the EU. Application study topic: The impact of EU membership on the labor market.
  • Submission of written work subsequently via SIS VŠEM/Study forms/Repository of written works within 30 days of the lecture's realization.
  • We remind you that the essay can only be processed once during the study and only within the first year of study.

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