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Current News

New specialized master's degree program!

It's time to share some exciting news from VŠEM with you! On May 2 2024, the National Accreditation Authority approved the implementation of a new follow-up master's degree program in Human Resources (Ing.) in both full-time and part-time study formats.

1) VŠEM is the one and only school in the Czech Republic to offer such a specialized master's degree program. The program primarily focuses on acquiring knowledge and skills in the fields of Human Resources, Sociology, and Psychology.

2) As always, we bring you unique study focuses in this program, such as: Health Psychology in Companies, Human Resources Coaching, Global HR Management, Modern Approaches to HR Management, Personnel Processes, Social Aspects of Human Resources, Leadership, Education and Development of Human Resources, and many more.

3) The program can be started from October 2024, with the deadline for submitting the eApplication for study being September 1, 2024. The program is not limited by the focus of previous (bachelor's) studies.

4) VŠEM graduates can benefit from discounted tuition fees for the academic year 2024/25 in the Standard (30,000 CZK/year) and Premium (50,000 CZK/year) price levels when continuing their studies at VŠEM. Of course, you can choose from the entire range of tuition fee levels.

5) The study advisors at the IPC VŠEM are available to assist you in setting up a suitable study schedule for your follow-up studies at VŠEM!

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