Open days VŠEM, January 17, from 17:00

Elite program VŠEM

Superior educational and training program that focuses on the development of academically talented students who show an active interest in their studies and future career opportunities.

The aim is to provide tuition through lectures of the most attractive areas in close cooperation with specific companies for already selected work positions and graduates VŠEM.

Vocational courses MOOC

Vocational courses MOOC

Try to study for free with vocational courses MOOC (online form) in the field of social sciences (economics, political science, sociology, psychology, management, marketing, law, finance, tax, accounting, human resources).

Study programmes and specializations (Bc./Ing./MSc./MBA/Ph.D.)

Conversation in foreign languages

Foreign language courses taught in form of conversational sessions (English, Spanish, French) at VŠEM. Courses are focused on current topics in economics, social sciences, marketing, etc. and reflect current events in the Czech Republic and abroad. Courses are led by native speakers.

New field specializations for AY 2016/2017

Finance, Economics and Economic Policy, Marketing and Advertisement, Human resource management, Communication and Society, Law, Managerial Psychology, Business Management, Psychology and Sociology, Public Administration, International Relations...

Interactive tuition VŠEM

Managerial interactive applications on TOTEMlearning

The applicaton for verification of student's managerial skills through interactive business games (The Business Game, The Business Game Advanced).

Practical application

Extension and practice of theoretical knowledge in various areas of study program (Bc. / Ing./MSc.) in full-time form of study. Leadership, Applied Psychology and Psychotherapy, Financial literacy alias how not to get into debt trap, Web analytics in Google Analytics and more.