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Student counseling

Student counseling VŠEM offers individual consultation of experts in the areas of professional, psychological - pedagogical, financial and legal advice. Student counseling is implemented through individual consultations, either through written contact or in person at the premises of VŠEM.
  • Written consultation (electronically) are implemented with a professional consultant by anonymous Counseling form VŠEM
  • Expert advice is available to students in the first floor (Office No. 106), with prior appointment, every second week of the month.

Opening hours of Student counselling VŠEM

Finance Monday
Ing. Michal Šubrt tuition fees, administrative fees
Law Tuesday
JUDr. Věra Hrouzková labour and civil law
JUDr.Jaroslav Hrouzek, CSc. business law
Pedagogical- career Wednesday
Ing. Helena Smolová, Ph.D. education and career 
Study coaching


Ing. Iveta Hlaváčová, MBA study coaching

Ing. Lucie Vnoučková, Ph.D. 

Mgr.Jana Bauernöplová

administration and methodology of final theses
Psychological Thursday
PhDr. Ivana Šnýdrová, CSc. psychological counselling

Financial counseling

Financial advice is provided to help with the search strategy in investment and financial security as a competitive housing finance, investing money, savings plans and various insurances (life, accident, credit insurance and insurance industries and business risks, motor vehicle liability, property of citizens, etc.). Financial advice is provided by Ing. Michal Šubrt.

Study coaching

In the scope of  „Study coaching“ it is possible to consult the situations, in which students can get during their studies, or after graduation (e. g. not clear priorities, problems with time-management, reconciliation of work, personal life and studies, adaptation after enrollment to the university, overloading, loss of motivation to studies etc.). Study coaching with Ing. Iveta Hlaváčová, MBA.

Pedagogical-career counseling

In the context of career counseling, students are encouraged in job selection and in their integration into the work process so that they can handle the tough decisions and be prepared to participate at the labour market. They are provided with information about the labor market, job profile and available job positions. Professional counseling provides Ing. Helena Smolová, Ph.D.

Legal advice

Within the legal advice, short informative meetings are provided, particularly where and how the applicant could enforce his cause the best. Legal advice is not for solving complicated cases. Legal advice is provided by JUDr. Vera Hrouzková, JUDr. Jaroslav Hrouzek, PhD. (external associates of the Department of Business Economics).

Psychological counseling

Pedagogical and psychological counseling is focused on the problems of students, helping students deal with personal or relationship problems. Students are encouraged to search for their own talents, dispositions and personal qualities. Pedagogical - psychologic counseling provides PhDr. Ivana Šnýdrová, CSc.

Student counseling

Student counseling is aimed to study problems of students, helping students solve difficult learning situation, set up an efficient system of education, balance work and university studies. The advice can be ordered through the the Form (brief description of the problem + proposal deadline meeting). Student counseling provides Ing. Lucie Vnoučková Ph.D. (Vice-Rector for Education and Research), Mgr. Jana Bauernöplová (Head of the Department for Pedagogic Agenda).

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JUDr. Jaroslav Hrouzek, CSc.

JUDr. Jaroslav Hrouzek, CSc.

Legal Advice

Graduate from Faculty of Law, Charles University in Prague.
Practices law for 16 years. In the previous general legal practice began teaching in the field of civil law, with a focus on cooperative property, real estate law and environmental law. Then he devoted himself to banking and insurance, especially in the areas of legal support for banking products, especially in the credit agenda, management and account management, payment transactions. In the position of Commercial Director participated in the construction of bank health insurance, where he was responsible for the area of capital construction, legal section, personnel and payroll, internal management and technical department. As a senior partner responsible for the preparation and guarantor of law clerks for legal services for clients in the fields of banking and insurance, especially in the area of ​​methodology and development of contract documentation.