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Structure of studies (Ph.D.) AY 2016/2017

Doctoral study degree Economics and Management (full time/part time) with specializations (Financial management, HR Management, Marketing, International economics, Project management, Prognostics and Planning, Social and Economic innovation, Social pedagogy and social patology, Statistics and statistic analysys, Accounting for sustainable development).

Structure of studies

Basic block and specialization block contains 14 study subjects, divided into basic (4 obligatory study subjects) and specialization (10 mandatory study subjects) parts of field of study.

Economics / EX
Applied Economic Policy / EX
Strategic management / EX
Foreign language (EN, DE) / EX
Financial management / EX
HR Management / EX
Marketing / EX
International economics / EX
Project management/ EX
Prognostics and Planning / EX
Social and Economic innovations / EX
Social pedagogy and social patology / EX
Statistics and statistic analysys / EX
Accounting for sustainable development / EX

Content and characteristic of study field

Doctoral studies includes two teaching blocks (basic block, specialization block) and 1 final block (thesis). Subject is finished by exam (EX), final thesis by submisson of thesis (THS), the whole studies by a comprehensive final examination (CFE) and thesis defense (THS). The study programme is of a standard length of three academic years of study.

Basic block
4 study subjects
Completion of all basic block study subjects and passing the comprehensive final examinations.
Specialization block
10 study subjects
Completion of min. two subjects from specialization block and passing all exams by the end of second year of study (in case of scholarship).
Thesis (THS)
Thesis submission and defence.

Control of studies overview (EX, FCE)

I. - III.

Study subject
Basic block /4x EX
Specialization block /2x EX
Fereign language (EN, DE) /1x EX
Comprehensive exam Basic block /1x FCE /
Thesis and Thesis defence
Thesis /1x THS 36

Study organization and conditions

Instructors may be only professors or associate professors. The themes of the dissertation work are based on areas specified by the specialized subjects on offer.

Teaching and Research

  • All of the postgraduate students get involved in, and lead, the teaching of subjects whose content is related to their dissertation work.
  • Postgraduate students are also involved in the school's scientific-research activities and practical co-operation. Postgraduate students also have the option of completing an overseas study programme.


  • The student is obliged to study all the compulsory subjects and 2 of the elective subjects, according to their own choice.
  • Teaching takes place in the form of seminars and workshops with the tutor; they end with an exam and the defence of the final project (evaluation: Passed/Failed).
  • A condition is the conclusion of all exams by the end of the 2nd year.
  • A condition is the sitting of a comprehensive exam for the compulsory subjects.
  • The exams, and the defence of the projects, shall be commissional
  • Exams may be repeated a maximum of 2 times
  • A condition is the sitting of a comprehensive final exam by the end of the 3rd year.
  • To fulfil the study conditions, the student may register to defend their dissertation work.
  • The dissertation work instructor shall be chosen by the student in the first trimester of study.
  • A condition is the publication, by the postgraduate student, of at least 1 article per year in a reviewed magazine
  • A condition is the granting of the title PhD after the acceptance of at least 1 article by SCOPUS, Impakt or Thomson Reuters.
  • A condition is the completion of at least 1 international conference.
  • The student shall teach at least 1 study subject during the course of his studies.