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The Department of Management is a specialized academic center, which provides lectures in relevant areas for bachelor's, master's and MBA studies.

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Study subjects

Crisis management Law in sport
Management I Management II
Production and Operations Management Project Management
Quality Management Project Management II
Risk Management Management of change
Sport and Society Managerial Decision Making
Methodology for Quality Management Strategic Management
Business skills Strategic Analysis
Commercial transactions Management´s Systems
Operational programs Theory and Practice of Management
Organization and business management Principles of Management

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PhDr. Karel Červený, MSc., MBA, DBA

PhDr. Karel Červený, MSc., MBA, DBA

Business Strategies, Practical Applications

He works as an entrepreneur in the company Talent Innovation s.r.o.
He is also a creativity trainer, coach and management consultant.


  • Špaček M., Červený K.: Kreativní metody v inovacích. Oeconomia, VŠE, 2020.

Pedagogical activities

  • VŠE, Inovace a podnikání, 8 let
  • ČVUT, Inovační management, 4 roky
  • ŠAVŠ, Inovační management, 3 roky
  • CBS: Strategické myšlení a řízení, program MBA; DBA
  • ESBM: Strategické myšlení a řízení, Manažerská psychologie, program MBA