Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department is a special educational department which provides tuition in theoretical economics and the related practice-oriented disciplines within all accredited Bachelor's, Master's and MBA study programmes.

Tuition and specialized consultations

Consultation with the academic staff can be arranged via Study Form/Contact the Lecturer.

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Study Subjects

Andragogy Management Psychology and Sociology Psychology I
Communication Skills Management Sociology Psychology II
Community Work Managerial Decision-Making Social Pathology
Corporate Culture Managerial Skills Social Pedagogy
Human Resources Development Negotiation and Problem Solving Social Work Management
Human Resources Management I Organization Culture Sociology
Human Resources Management II Personnel Business Management  
Leadership Personnel Management  


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Mgr. Lenka Hlavsová

Mgr. Lenka Hlavsová


Graduate of Palacky University in Olomouc. She studied a one- master's program-Psychology. The topic of thesis was group psychotherapy. In practice, she worked as a trainee at the HR department of a German company, then as a recruiter at a staffing agency in Germany. Experience in the field of social and psychological counseling received in the framework of cooperation in the integration project "Sputnik". Today, the fourth year of operating in one of Prague's international services company engaged in telecommunications and IT.