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Course of Czech Language for Foreigners

Preparatory year!

In addition to Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral Degree study programmes, the University of Economcs and Management offers an intensive two-semester course of Czech for Foreigners within its Lifelong Learning Programme.

The course is designed for beginners, who want to study at a university in the Czech Republic, but the language barrier is in their way from doing so. 

The course aims to prepare participants for studies at a university with Czech as the language of instruction and to familiarize them with the cultural, social and historical environment of the country. This course is not relevant for getting student visa.

Academic Year Schedule 2017/2018

Recommended date for submitting the application form 01/09/2017
Terms of admission proceedings 01/09/2017
Beginning of instruction October 2017

Contents of the Course

  • The classes are based on communicative approach and the instructors are recruited from the ranks of university professors (MOOC - Massive open on-line courses) and professional language instructors
  • Grammar, conversation, vocabulary and culture (culture, history and contemporary society of the Czech Republic)
  • The opportunity to attend courses MOOC with possibility of recognition of credits for subsequent study (Bc., BBA/ Ing., MSc./MBA) at VŠEM
  • Monday-Thursday 4 x 45 mins (detailed timetable will be specified in September 2017)

Admission Requirements

  • Duly filled application form in English 
  • Scan of school-leaving certificate or university diploma
  • Copy of passport
  • Passport-sized photo (45*35mm, jpeg format)
  • Absolute beginner in the Czech language - course is designed for candidates who have never learnt Czech before
  • Information and Advisory Centre contacts applicant with further instructions within 7 days.

Successfull completion of the course

  • Final exam
  • Minimum result of 51% in the final examination - the participant can understand written and spoken Czech, speak and write on the B1/B2 level

Certificate of Completion

  • Certificate VŠEM of achieved language raises chances when applying for admission to other higher education institutions in the Czech Republic or when seeking employment
  • In case of failure in the final examination, the participant gets the certificate of completion of a language course

Tuition fees

30 weeks intensive course EUR 1.900
50 weeks intensive course EUR 2.600

Registration to application Videolearning VŠEM (MOOC)

Opportunity to study free of charge according to one´s own abilities, interests and time availability, when the demands of the study subject is determined by the number of credits, i.e. higher number of credits = higher difficulty of the study subject.
Vocational courses in online form, so called MOOC (massive open online courses).

Legal Terms of LLP

VSEM provides by § 60 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll., Education in accredited fields within the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) outside the frame of study programmes, oriented on vocational performance and interests.

  • Vocational courses VŠEM are implemented as part of Lifelong learning programe (LLP), according to university standards, with the possibility of tax deductibility and the possibility of recognition of credits for subsequent studies (Bc. / Ing. / MBA).
  • Admission to the LLP is conditioned by a full high school (graduation) or university (bachelor's degree) education, when other conditions are determined by the rector.
  • Vocational programmes implemented within the life-long learning programme are subjected to valid Study and examination rules, when the rector (Rector´s office rules) states the conditions, which alternate tuition form and control over study outcomes.
  • Participants in vocational courses are not students in accordance with the Higher Education Act. In LLP is not possible to take a final, comprehensive and final state examination.
  • Credits obtained at VSEM in the vocational programme carried out in the framework of accredited study programmes can be for successful graduates (classified output) recognized in the statutory amount of credits, required to complete a study in an accredited study programme.