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Conference Rise&Shine 2016 volume III.

16. 5. 2016 10:11

On Saturday, May 14, 2016 took place at VŠEM III. Conference Rise and Shine: Learn effectively.

Speakers at the conference:

  • Marek Sýkora - Improve your memory easily and quickly
  • Tomas Hruda - Paper as a byproduct of effective education
  • Denisa Dědišová - Effective learning tools. How to test it ?!
  • Olga Medlíková - How to learn without stress
  • Petr Žák - Sketches - How to lop the red diploma

Call for proposals (Centre for Economic studies)

10. 5. 2016 10:55

Centre for Economic Studies of University Economics and Management, has announced the third public call for submission of research projects.

Projects should be submitted till 1.6.2016

Rules of the call.

Economic papers 01/2016

1. 5. 2016 10:36

New issue of scientific review of University of Economics and Management (VSEM) and Centre for Economics Studies of University of Economics and Management (CES VSEM) is available.

1. vydání Ekonomických listů VŠEM (01/2016)


E-books Cambridge University Press

10. 3. 2016 10:20

VSEM Students have opprtunity of trial access to the Library of the Academy of Sciences to a database of nearly 30,000 e-books from Cambridge University Press.

  • trail access is valid till 30.4.2016

Results of the second public call for proposals

3. 3. 2016 14:35

CES VŠEM awarded with the financial support two projects.

  • Recommendations for funding received proposals that have met the quality requirements.
  • The process of evaluation was careed out by the evaluation committee, composed of five people, including three external evaluators.

Conference Rise&Shine 2016

29. 2. 2016 14:28

On Saturday, February 27, 2016 took place at VŠEM II. annual conference Rise & Shine: Discover yourself, where participants learn how to uncover their talents and develop their strengths.

Speakers at the conference:

  •      Adela Banášová - "Have fun, even when things go wrong"
  •      Rostya Gordon-Smith - "Successfull in the game"
  •      Peter Urbanec - "Why do we do what we do"
  •      Robert Krause - "Discover yourself, revenue yourself, start with yourself"
  •      Eva Vašková Čejková - "Mistakes and downs as a source of energy and inspiration"

Graduation ceremony (February 24, 2016)

23. 2. 2016 11:37

A graduation ceremony will be held in the Auditorium Maximum of the University of Economics and Management where diplomas will receive 60 successful graduates who have properly completed their studies in January 2016.

Student of the Month

10. 2. 2016 15:19

Nicola Vojkůvková (MF 19) received award for outstanding bachelor thesis titled "Employee Benefits in organization". Congratulations!

Seminar Erasmus+

4. 2. 2016 10:47

  • The seminar is designed for students who are thinking about leaving to study abroad internship.
  • At the seminar, students will be informed regarding basic information about the necessary administration before leaving. You also have the option to ask for details and discuss your study abroad plan with Institutional Coordinator Erasmus +.
  • The seminar will be held on February 22, 2016 at 12:30 pm in room 203.

Days of Science

21. 1. 2016 13:01

Days of Science VSEM will be held from 5 p.m. on November 24, 2016. Within days of science will be presented development and research projects currently implemented at VSEM. Invitation is open to those, who are interested in approaches to solving projects, background information and examples of work with data and results.